About Me


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Hi, I'm Mary-Theresa but my friends call me Mary or M-T.

Iā€™m an events expert with a passion for creating experiences that change lives. From weddings to red carpet events, to food festivals and 24 hour ski challenges for charity - I've seen it all (well, most of it anyway),

What I love about events the most is that each one is so unique in their own way. You'll never have the same weather, the same audience, the same content, the same energy again. I love that events provide you with the opportunity to consistently improve and provide incredible value. I love the feeling of walking away from an event knowing that all of the hard work was worth it because someone's life is better for it.

Today, I am very proud to be the Manager of Special Events and Sponsorships for an amazing organization called WinterKids based in Portland, ME. I love the work I do and I love the way I get to help impact the lives of over 23,000 children and families' across Maine and in NH during my second favorite season - WINTER!

I am hooked on the feeling of seeing a vision come to fruition, I see it in my job every day and in the work I do in my spare time.

Most recently, I had the pleasure of leading the charge as the Board President of the Maine Women's Conference, a new non-profit here in Maine that was focused on bringing a full-day conference to life that would be unlike anything Mainers had seen before.

It was an incredible day and It was this experience that solidified my life mission: to create more experiences that can change lives. Or, more specifically, to help influencers create these experiences to maximize impact and connection for their audience.