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Insider Secrets: Here are the FIRST STEPS you must take when planning your first live event. want to plan your FIRST TRANSFORMATION LIVE EVENT but you don't know where to begin? That's where I come in! Join me, Mary-Theresa Tringale, as I help you from START TO FINISH create your very own HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL event. After 15 YEARS OF PRODUCING EVENTS of all shapes and sizes, from national sales meetings to red carpet galas to intimate retreats, I have learned tips, tools and solutions for creating an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. Now I want to share all that I have learned with YOU!

How To Get Started Planning Your First Live Event

Planning your own event can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, I am here to help. In my blog I will teach you how you can successfully plan your own retreat without having any prior expertise. For all the material that won’t be covered in my posts and the opportunity to get free one-on-one coaching from me, you can schedule a complimentary 60-minute consultation session!  Don't worry, you are not in this alone! I have made my career designing successful events and now I want to share my passion and expertise with you. I will give you the tools you need to create your very own event, whether it be for 5 or 5,000 people!

The Key To Event Planning Success Is Defining Your Purpose

The road to creating a highly successful, transformative live event is a long one, but it doesn't have to be difficult. If you DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE then you will establish a strong foundation from which to build your event and streamline your live event preparation. But how do you know what your purpose is? I can help you discover what your event's purpose is in three simple ways.

FIRST KEY STEP: Create A Mission Statement

How do you define your purpose? First, HAVE A ROCK SOLID MISSION STATEMENT. Your mission statement needs to be clear and powerful. If someone asks you what your event is about, you should be able to clearly articulate it in 2-3 sentences max.

Your mission statement should answer the questions: who, why, what? Who are you doing the event for? Why are you doing the event? What will your audience achieve at the event and what are people going to walk away from the event knowing?

If you make your mission statement clear, then your audience will be clear on your content, and they will be more likely to share it with other people. If you are sending mixed messages and your content is confusing, then your audience will be confused. You need to clearly communicate with your attendants what the event is about.

Need help creating your event’s mission statement?


SECOND KEY STEP: Define Your Vision

Now that you know what your mission statement is, you need to KNOW YOUR VISION. Close your eyes. What do you see for your retreat? Who will be at your event? How many people are attending? Once you start envisioning your event, you can give it life.

Another important asset to consider when you envision your event is setting. Where does your live event take place? Is there a particular location...perhaps a certain country, or even certain venue, that helps augment the vision you see for your event? If you have a clearer picture of WHERE it will be, then you can better construct your logistics.

THIRD KEY STEP: Establish Business Goals

Now that you have created a mission statement and clarified your vision, the last thing left to do before you start planning your live event is to DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS PLAN. Be clear what it is you want to achieve from a business perspective and how you will do it.

What are you hoping to achieve from a financial perspective? How will you generate enough income to cover your costs? Maybe you will generate revenue from ticket sales, or maybe you will offer business packages. Maybe you will offer the event as an added bonus for VIP clientele or maybe your sponsors will help share the cost.  However you slice it, you will need to come up with a strategy in order to full carry out your vision.

If you want to find out more tricks of the trade and how YOU can create your own mission, vision, and business goals, stay tuned for more info!

Want to take a deeper dive into these elements for your first event? Let’s chat! I offer a FREE 60-minute strategy session and we can discuss all of this and more! CLICK HERE to book your spot!