I See Trees of Green, Red Roses Too…


The Second Step In Planning Any Successful Live Event Is To Establish Your Vision

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” ~Dalai Lama

Before you start planning any aspect of your event, you MUST establish a CRYSTAL-CLEAR VISION for what you want your event to be. You have to envision it in your mind's eye before you can make it a reality.

BEFORE YOU WORK ON YOUR VISION, did you establish your mission? Check out THIS ARTICLE on how to do just that.

Have you ever done a visualization exercise before? Where you sit down with your eyes closed...take a deep breath...and imagine what your ideal life looks like and every detail that goes with it? Well, that is what I want you to do with your event. I want you to take a deep breath and picture your event. Picture your event in its entirety. And don't get distracted by worrying about having to secure your ideal keynote or how you are going to pay for it yet. And don't let feelings of doubt or fear that you can't pull off just what you are seeing create road blocks in your plan. Just focus on what you want to create.

I have made a road map of questions to help guide you in creating your vision. So open your eyes now, grab a pen and paper, and let's dive in to discovering what your vision is.

To get started with envisioning your HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL live event, I’ve listed out some very important topics for you to take the time envisioning. I’ve included some questions to consider. I recommend you answer these questions in this order but feel free to jump around if needed. 


Questions to answer:

  • WHO is going to your event? 

  • What does your audience avatar look like, who are you making the event for? 

  • Take a look at who the person is. What are they like? 

  • Why would they want to attend your live event? 

  • What service or need are you providing for them that going to your event is a necessity for them?

  • Is it about connection? Being inspired? Receiving an education? (HINT, this should align with your mission statement. If you haven’t created it yet, CLICK HERE to check-out my article about how to do it.) 

Maybe your ideal client has yet to realize that this event IS a necessity for them, but your vision will convince them. Remember, you have something important to offer them. Just what it is, is up to you. You are creating a transformative event! Maintain that sense of power and purpose in your vision.

Once you have established WHO is going to attend your event, hold on to that because it will help you in the future decision-making process. Dilemmas that arise in the future can easily be answered by one question: “Does this fit with my ideal client avatar or overall vision?”. If the answer is “no” or even a “not really”, then don't do it. Easy enough. 

For example, there is a difference between an event that is designed for a college student who isn’t financially secure and may need a scholarship in order to attend versus a seven-figure earner looking for an experience that will take them to the next level and they are willing to pay a hefty price tag for that experience. If you have that very clear image in your head of WHO the event is for and WHY they want to come to your event (HINT again, your mission statement), then you are well on your way to constructing a very strong, cohesive, and appealing vision for a live event!!


Now that you know WHO is coming, let’s talk about how many of them will attend. Questions to answer:

  • Is it an intimate retreat for 10? 

  • It is an impactful experience for 500? 

  • Or is it a conference center filled to the brim with an audience of 10,000? 

  • Or a magical number somewhere in between - like - 345?

It is important for you to figure out what your ideal audience size is as it will impact so many other elements of your event like budget, venue, programming, etc. Staying focused on an ideal audience size will help you create strategic marketing efforts, schedule of the day, and understand what your budget really needs to look like in order to serve every audience member to the best of your ability.


Not only will you need to envision who is sitting in the audience and how many of them there will be, but you will also need to see who is standing at the stage and presenting the content. 

Questions to answer:

  • What kind of content are you presenting? 

  • Is it a day of speeches and lectures or will they be more workshop like where there will be time for working through problems and journaling? 

  • Will there be a panel discussion? 

  • Opening keynote?

  • Closing keynote? 

  • Who are the keynotes (you? Celebrities? Famous business moguls?)

  • Will you have a vendor/expo hall? If so, how many vendors? What are the giving away/selling?

Envisioning a flow and general structure of the event helps to determine exactly how you are going to deliver on the promise of the mission statement and in what format. 


As your vision starts filling in with more and more detail, suddenly those cloudy ideas start to take concrete shape. Here are a list of questions that will help you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on where and when your event will take place:

  • What CITY or even COUNTRY? 

  • What time of year will you host the event, what season? Warmer weather or colder weather?

  • Does it take place where you live right now or a destination far away?

  • Perhaps there is a spot that has had a significant meaning in your life where you would like to build your event. 

  • What kind of a view will audience members see when they are at your venue? The ocean? A Lake? Or are they in the middle of a city?

  • Take a moment to visualize all these possibilities...which location gets you most excited? 

  • Which location would make your ideal audience member excited? 

Answering these questions will help you make future decisions, especially when it comes to choosing a venue. How does WHERE and WHEN your event takes place create an impact on the event itself or on the people attending? Once again, keep in mind your ideal client avatar when determining location and also consider the importance of location as it relates to the overall theme and design of your transformative experience.


Here is where you can get really creative. Let’s list out all the ways you envision the logistics of the event being executed:

  • What does your venue look like? 

  • Is it a theater? A hotel conference room? A classroom? A lecture hall? A big open raw industrial space? 

  • How is everyone seated? At tables or in chairs where they will write notes in notebooks on their laps? Perhaps the event is for a small audience of 10-12 and everyone can sit in comfy chairs and couches or on bean bags or hammocks. 

  • What is your audience’s access to food? Will you supply it or do they need to get it on their own? Can they bring lunch into the sessions or do they need to eat outside of the venue? If you are supplying food, will it be buffet style or a sit-down served meal? 

  • What kind of branded swag will you give away? Notebooks? Pens? Swag bags? 

  • Will you have a “photo booth” of sorts? 

  • What kind of signage will you have? A step & repeat? Posters for every speaker? 

  • What will your stage look like? Custom backdrop or beautiful florals? Maybe a big banner with your event logo on it?

  • What kind of energy do you want your audience members to feel? Hyped up and ready to take on the day? Or cool, calm and collected, ready to let their inner voice guide them through the experience?

Now...take another deep breath. Congratulations!! You did an AMAZING job envisioning your live event. Now that you have envisioned WHO the event is for, WHAT the event is about, and WHERE your event will take place and what all the small DETAILS will look like, you are well on your way to beginning the process of planning your life-changing live event!! Hold on to this vision (don't forget to write it down!) and keep going back to it as you continue to plan your event. Remember, when you come across important choices to be made, always refer back to this vision you have created, it will make it easier to make clear cut unregrettable decisions that you can always stand strong in, because they aligned with your original vision. Having a CLEAR VISION is PRICELESS for the process.

Need a little extra help working through your vision or just need a little extra help with your upcoming event? Let’s chat - CLICK HERE to sign up for a FREE 60-minute strategy session where we’ll take a deep dive into what you have going on and see if I can support you in a bigger way!