Content is Queen….and King...and all the prince and princesses...

How to Make Sure Your Event Has Great Content

The only way you will blow people out of the water with your life-changing, transformational live event is by having great content. You can design your event with all the glitz and glamour of a red carpet runway, but IF YOU DO NOT HAVE STELLAR CONTENT, YOU HAVE NOTHING. At the end of the day, it is the resounding message you are sending with your content that people will remember.


BUT in order to make great content, you have to know what your event is about in the first place. Once you have defined your mission and established a clear vision then you can build your content around these two guiding principles. Your mission and vision will easily guide you through the content-creating process.


At any time when you are adding new content to your event's programming, you should be able to ask: “Is this in alignment with my mission and vision?”, and answer with a confident YES!! If it is, then you can keep it! If not, throw it in the trash. If it is not useful to your event, it will be a waste of your time trying to implement it, and it will be a waste of your audience's time because it is taking away from their purpose for attending your event in the first place! Your attendees should be clear on what the content is and how it fits into the theme of the event.

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 Once your content IS IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR MISSION AND VISION, then you can start to “program” your content. The trick with programming solid content is to make sure it is shared with participants in an EFFECTIVE way. What are you promising your attendees? How will you achieve that promise? Maybe you will design a workshop on a particular subject matter. Maybe you will construct a training session. Maybe you will organize a panel discussion. Maybe you will give a keynote speech.

Or won't be you. Maybe you are not the best person to lead the workshop, the training, the talk...Maybe it is someone else! Part of being a good leader is knowing when to defer. And if you are not the best person for the job and can't deliver that amazing content that you have promised (in your mission and vision), then call in the pros! Incredible content needs incredible delivery. Your content deserves to be shared to its participants in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. And let's face it, you can't be an expert on EVERYTHING - stay in your lane and let those you enlist for help stay in theirs.


BUT! What if you ARE the best person for the job? If you are the resident expert in the field and want a public-facing role, then by all means! Step up to that podium and let them hear your voice! Maybe your audience is there to see YOU, and maybe YOU have something to share that could be TRANSFORMATIVE for your audience; whether it be a skill, a full day training course, or even as a master of ceremonies. It also depends how much of a role you want in delivering content; maybe you would rather share the emcee roll or maybe you don’t want to be on stage at all. What role you take in the programming of content is totally up to you!


The last thing to keep in mind when programming your content is to factor in the venue and location. How does the location and environment play a role in how your content will be delivered? Make sure you take into account not only HOW you will deliver your content, but WHERE you will be doing it - as this can have a major effect on your audience’s overall experience.

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