Three Truths About Planning Your First Event...


What you really need to know before you start planning your live event.

You've been thinking about it. 

You've been wondering if you can do it. 

And NOW is your chance.

NOW is the opportunity to create your very own FIRST LIVE EVENT! 

Whether it be a small retreat or multi-day conference, there is no better time than NOW to begin.

But where do you begin? Before you even start the process of planning your own transformative event, there are THREE truths you must accept.

Truth #1: You will have to make an initial financial investment. 

If you aren’t OK with this, you shouldn’t be planning an event.

How much of an investment? This is up to you and depends on your vision.

Do you want to host your event at a seaside, 5-star resort? If so, you’ll probably have to make a down payment.

Are you planning on hiring a big name keynote speaker? If so, a deposit will need to be made.

Are you planning on hiring an events coach to help you through the planning process, ensuring that your event not only designed to be a sustainable revenue driver for your business but also a transformative experience for YOU too? If so, you’ll have to pay.

Ideally, ticket sales and sponsorships will help cover costs, but you can’t get started without the willingness to invest first.

Truth #2: You may not cover your costs on your first event.

First year events are HARD, even if you have a million followers.

The truth is, no matter how successful you are in your business – the first year event is the hardest to not only plan but also cover costs.

BUT, I truly believe, if you do it right the first time, everyone will come back to support you the second time (and the third, fourth, fifth...).

Truth #3: The event won’t be PERFECT.

EVENTS ARE DYNAMIC. At any point, anything can change and YOU MUST BE FLEXIBLE with any on-the-spot changes that have to be made.


A good planner will help you to plan as much as possible before the event day so all you have to worry about ON event day is execution and problem solving.

For the sake of everyone involved, PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE, PLEASE BE OPEN and please – for the love -- HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!


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