Rock Your Retreat


Rock Your Retreat

A 10-week course on how to strategize and plan your first ever live retreat.

Ever wanted to create your own impactful live retreat experience for your audience but had no idea where to begin? Worried about how you’ll pay for the retreat, or even market the idea to your community so they’ll sign up?

Hi, I’m Mary-Theresa! My friends call me Mary or M-T - and I’m here to help!

I created the ROCK YOUR RETREAT 10-week course because after 15 years of creating and executing events of all different shapes and sizes, I know the answers to your biggest questions and have solutions for your biggest concerns, and I want to teach them to you!

Course begins week of April 8th.

If you have ever wanted to share your gifts with your audience in an intimate and impactful setting, you should consider offering a live retreat.

Retreats offer your audience an opportunity to not only spend quality time with you, but also connect with other members of your tribe - creating unbreakable bonds that will transcend the time spent together over those few days.

Don’t let not knowing how to take the first step stop you.



Starting the week of April 8th.

  • A weekly 90-minute group coaching call via zoom. 45 minutes of content and 45 minutes of group coaching. All calls will be recorded and saved for later viewing which you will have unlimited access to even after the course comes to a close.

  • 8 content modules including:

    • Module 1 - Getting Clarity: Establishing your why, mission, vision and goals.

    • Module 2 - Budgeting: Income vs. Expenses and pricing your retreat.

    • Module 3 - Who Is Your Audience: Establishing your ideal participant and how to find them (if you don’t have them already).

    • Module 4 - Logistics: All the little details including finding a venue, swag, rooming arrangements, travel, meals and more!

    • Module 5 - Content & Agenda: What exactly are you facilitating, what are your participants walking away having learned and how to create an agenda that flows.

    • Module 6 - Marketing & Promotion: Grassroots, social, email and everything in between.

    • Module 7 - Schedule of Events: How to plan for every detail - and who is responsible when problems arise (and they will!)

    • Module 8 - Follow Up: Survey and continuing the connection with this new tribe.

  • Two weeks of “catch up” calls with 100% coaching (and possible guest coaches!) These calls will be week 5 and week 10.

  • Rock Your Retreat Worksheets to align with each module.

  • One 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with M-T. This can be done any time during the 10 week course to discuss your upcoming event or any issues you are having with content being taught.

  • Private Facebook Group where you can support others in the group and get ongoing support throughout the course.


Now is the time to register for the Rock Your Retreat course. This is the pilot program and it will never be available at this price again!


The ROCK YOUR RETREAT course is for you if…

  • You have thought about planning your retreat for your clients for a while now but not knowing where to begin has been holding you back.

  • You are ready to get to work but need a plan and guidance from someone who has been down this road before.

  • You are excited by all the possible details and the outcome from the retreat but need help translating your vision into reality.

  • You need to kick-start your planning and don’t want to hire a full-time event planner to do the work for you.

  • You appreciate connecting with other like-minded business owners looking to make an impact within their community.

I’m ready. Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

Course begins week of April 8th. Select your payment option below.

Guess what - there’s more!

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See you soon!