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The Aligned & Empowered Project is a group coaching program designed to transform your life by mastering your mindset, implementing consistent habits, and holding you accountable to your word - so you can lead the life of your dreams.

The AEP was created by Accountability & Success Coach Mary-Theresa Tringale through her own lived experience and total life transformation that began in May 2019.

This project brings together the key elements that helped M-T reach true alignment and clarity for the person she wanted to be in life - and now, along with her coaching team of experts, the AEP helps women have similar breakthroughs and transformations that create a ripple effect unlike any other.

What is the AEP all about?

Watch this video by Founder Mary-Theresa Tringale (Mary or M-T) to learn more about the Aligned & Empowered Project.


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Be honest...

Do you feel like you are your own worst enemy sometimes? That life and its pressures seem to get in the way of your dreams? Have you lost connection with your goals and desires because you are prioritizing other things and people in your life? Do you feel like you have lost control? Do you feel like you have lost your self?

So many of us have felt this way, but you don't need to be just surviving, you should be thriving! The Aligned & Empowered Project supports you on your journey to step into your power, transform your mindset, and become who you were meant to be in your fullest potential.



It's time to be unapologetic about reclaiming your dreams and making them a reality!

Hi! I'm Mary-Theresa, but my friends call me Mary or M-T...

and I created the Aligned & Empowered Project for any woman who knows she was meant for more, but can't seem to get out of her own way (i.e. there is a seemingly endless cycle of self sabotage and missing goals that has no end - no matter "how hard" they try). 


In May of 2019, I found myself at the lowest point of my life I had ever experienced. 

On the outside, it seemed like I was thriving. I was an expert at pretended I had it all together (even kidding myself).

But the truth was, I was essentially dying inside. 

My whole life seemed to be spinning out of control. And when it rained, it poured. 

My journey began when my Dad was diagnosed with a brain infection that could not be helped, and he was sent home with hours to days to live. 

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and every day I woke up wondering if "this would be the day" it would all come to an end. 

Meanwhile, my own event coaching business was doing the opposite of thriving and I found myself one morning crying on the floor to my business coach wondering how I was going to get through it all.

It was then that I found a program called 75Hard, where I would implement a number of tasks into my life that were designed to help me find the discipline I so desperately desired - and help me find out with who I was meant to be.

The program ultimately changed my life and led me down a road of self discovery and alignment like never before.

I created the AEP based on this experience and for anyone who might need a new opportunity unlike anything they may have committed to in the past.

A new chance to try - with support, guidance and a community of like minded women ready and willing to cheer you on along the way.


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The Aligned & Empowered Project is PERFECT for YOU if...

  • You are feeling lost and need support discovering your passions again.
  • You are on a constant cycle of sadness and miss your former vibrant and hopeful self. 
  • You are missing discipline and consistency with habits you know would help you feel more aligned. 
  • You are experiencing overwhelm regularly and desire a better way of being daily.
  • You are constantly burnout from fulfilling the duties of being you and need guidance as you start to implement boundaries and make your own dreams and goals a priority.
  • You are wondering where your old self has gone. You remember when you felt alive and safe and fun - and you are ready to take action towards being her again, you just don't know where to begin.

If any of these points resonate with you, the AEP is for you.


We will help you take the first steps towards having the life of your dreams.

What To Expect

The Aligned & Empowered Project consists of 3 motivating pillars designed to set you up for success: Coaching, Community, and Knowledge 


Let's get accountable!

Participate in weekly group coaching calls with live support from Founder, Mary-Theresa Tringale, and a team of 3 support coaches (past AEP participants who have experienced their own incredible transformation) and a NUTRITION coach who will support in whatever health and nutrition needs you may have. Not to mention a variety of GUEST COACHES who are experts in their field to help round out your experience!


We're in this together! 

Exclusive Access to the Aligned & Empowered Facebook Group where you will receive community support, accountability, acknowledgement, and a safe space to share your journey. 

Knowledge Center

Knowledge is Power!

Lifetime & Unlimited Access to the Online Knowledge Center where you can access resources, watch videos and download documents that cover a variety of supporting material on topics like habits, mindset, courage, confidence, boundaries, and more!

"The program changed my life in both a literal and figurative way. In just 3 months, I learned the importance of how to care for myself in a healthy manner, how to listen to my heart and not my head, and what is possible if you stick with the hard things. Needing a community and/or accountability is nothing to be ashamed of and in fact, is something that I am so grateful for! "

Johanna L.

"I had an absolutely amazing experience and wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned for the world"


"I thought that was working for me, but then I realized that I haven’t had much of my own goals and dreams ... I just waited to be asked and then looked for external validation to make sure I was doing a good job. The AEP encouraged me to be brave enough to listen to my own voice and say yes to my own dreams. I’ll be forever grateful to MT for lifting me up and creating a community of love and support for us all to grow together."

Liz M.

"Being a part of a group of strong and brilliant women with a common goal of improving our lives was amazing. Such a gift to be a part of their lives and to have them in mine as well!"

Kate M.

"I'm so incredibly thankful for this program, for [Mary Theresa], and for all the ladies in this group. I 100% could not have made these changes on my own!"

Laura W.

"I had the most wonderful experience, and met some of the coolest, most inspiring women through this program. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn with them!"

Alecia C.

"I truly enjoyed my time with the Aligned and Empowered project. I met some really wonderful and supported people. "

Kelly G.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We start the first week of November and will bring you all the way through to the first week of February, supporting you through the holidays and into the new year!

The group coaching calls are 1x week for 90 minutes with head coach M-T and support coaches. Guest coaching calls will be between 60-90 minutes. "Assignments" should take about 30-60 minutes (can be listened to on a walk) and you should give yourself plenty of time to work through. All calls are recorded and posted in the FB group to rewatch or watch if you missed it.

Pay-in-full and payment plans are available. If during the interview you are offered a spot in the AEP, the financial commitment will be discussed then along with payment plan options.

During your time in the AEP your lessons may include (and definitely not limited to):

Learning about:

  • Who you are now and who you want to become
  • Identifying healthy habits that will help you become the person you want to be
  • Understanding and mastering your mindset
  • What are boundaries and how to apply them to your life
  • The different facets of courage and how they apply to all areas of your life
  • The power of living in the NOW, affirmations and confidence
  • How good it feels to feel GOOD
  • Celebration and being unapologetic about they life you desire
  • And so much more!

Yes it for sure has to be a group class because the magic happens in the community! A huge source of strength, empowerment, and support is derived from the other women in the Project with you. It might seem intimidating to do it in a group at first, but know that everyone is in the same boat as you, and it is a great opportunity to feel free to be yourself amongst a caring community of supporters in a very safe place. It's also a great opportunity to learn from others and their perspective. 

No you do not! For those that know about the 75Hard program I participate in, it is not required at all for you to participate! 75Hard is a program that has helped me but there are hundreds of other opportunities and ways to help you that is fully customized to your needs and we will learn together during your time in the AEP Project! The AEP is customized for each person's personal experience.

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