About Mary-Theresa Tringale:

Coach, TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author

Accountability - Mindset - Habits

Mary-Theresa Tringale—Mary or M-T, for short—is a certified life success coach & money mindset coach who loves nothing more than helping you find success both on the inside and out. After her own radical transformation in 2019, M-T launched her coaching business with her signature program, The Aligned & Empowered project in 2020, to coach others through their own breakthroughs to find their true life’s purpose.

After taking a leap of faith, M-T moved from the Boston area to New York City and landed what turned into a nearly eight-year career in the magazine publishing industry. M-T again picked up her life and moved to “the other Portland” in nearby Maine with nothing but faith that her next big move was destined for her there—and she was right. Since 2014, M-T has worked full time in marketing and events, and most recently found her true calling in launching her coaching business. She wants to remind others that they are not alone in their journey and are already equipped with everything they need to stand in their power.

In March 2022, M-T published her first book Stand In Your Power which quickly made it to BESTSELLER status, above both Gabby Bernstein & Brené Brown for a whole day! 

In February 2023, Mary made a longtime dream come true when she stood on the TEDx stage in York Beach, Maine and gave a powerful talk entitled "The Wisdom of Your Ancestors Should Be Ignored". Here, she utilized her personal story and knowledge about the subconscious mind to encourage all to be brave and release the stories of our past to step powerfully into the future.

Today, M-T is still on her journey of growth and expansion right alongside her clients. She holds a BS in marketing communications from Emerson College, and when she’s not making earrings (@iamauntiemary on Instagram), M-T can be found moving outdoors—walking, skiing, or kayaking—and spending time with her friends and family, especially her nieces and nephews.

Mary-Theresa is available to be booked for both in-person and virtual speaking opportunities. Email [email protected] with your event details for booking.


My Career Highlights

My entire career has been dedicated to creating experiences that change lives.

After graduating from Emerson College in 2005, I began my carer as the Catering Director of Zaftigs Delicatessen in Brookline, MA - a Best of Boston restaurant with a "must visit" reputation for many of the Boston Red Sox and other celebrities.

In 2006, I took a leap of faith and moved to NYC with no job, my friends' couch to sleep, and $2,000 in my bank account.

Eventually, I landed at Woman's Day Magazine in the Ad Sales department where I learned to hone my skills in marketing, sales, logistics, organization and events. 

After Woman's Day, I landed at Men's Journal Magazine, again working in Ad Sales but this time as the events specialist of the department.

Here I got to create experiences from the ground up, taking big visions, breaking them down into actionable tasks and ultimately bringing the vision to life.

Throughout the entire residency in NYC, I was working my side hustle as a wedding-day-of-coordinator. Again, making sure every detail of a wedding was organized, accounted for and executed flawlessly.

In 2014, another life pivot brought me to Maine where I continued working in media at the Portland Press Herald, again in Ad Sales.

After 2.5 years and bringing several signature events to life, I took a year to explore work as an event producer. 

In 2017 I began working at WinterKids as the Events & Sponsorships Manager, a position that allowed me to lean into my passions and specific skills set.

Since joining the WinterKids team, I have helped to raise nearly $3Million in funds for the organization.

I also continued building my side business as a coach, starting with event coaching and eventually finding my way to accountability & mindset after I went through my own personal life transformation in 2019 with the passing of my Dad.

Now, I work with individuals looking to implement daily habits that will help them create a ripple effect of change that leads to impact and income for their life. 

My life's purpose is to help others Stand in their Power and make an impact in the world.

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