The Aligned & Empowered Project

For the woman who knows she is meant for more...but feels stuck, uncertain, unmotivated and like she can't get out of her own way.

I'm ready to apply to the AEP8!

You want it so bad, the thing that seems just out of reach...

The dream job, the loving relationship, the healthy body, the overflowing bank account, the business that thrives.

But, you just can't seem to get it, and every time you come close, you get...stuck.

And the most annoying part is, you know exactly what to do to have it, but you can't seem to get out of your own way to make it happen.

WOMAN, I see you, I hear you, I was/am you - and I've got a solution - IF you are ready for it...

You know you were meant for more, you know there is something brewing within, you've even seen glimpses of HER, the woman you long to be. But time and again, you find yourself doing the things you wish you had the willpower to just not do.'re scrolling well past midnight even though you know you should be trying to sleep.'re spending precious time doing busy work that isn't a priority, avoiding the tasks that could truly move the needle.'re letting other people's needs and desires take priority over your own, filling your days and life with projects that help others, never helping yourself first.'re saying yes to invitations and requests that will drain you, and make you resentful, turning you into someone you don't even enjoy being around.

...your staying out way too late when you know you really wanted to get up early and workout in the morning.'re staying in the toxic work environment because it feels too overwhelming to try and see if there is possibly a better job out there for you.'re letting what other people think of you influence your decisions and hold you back.'re letting the fear of the unknown stop you from taking any kind of action that will help you move the needle.

And the worst part is, you can see yourself doing all of this, overwhelmed by your own consistent inaction.

You're ready to do it different, but every time you try to begin, overwhelm ensues and you find yourself right back where you started. 

You are seeing others in your community, online, and beyond somehow making it all happen - but how?

You know there is a better way, but here do you even begin?

GREAT QUESTION! SO GLAD YOU ASKED! I would love to tell you exactly where to begin...


I have found that too often, we can't get out of our own way because we are trying to HAVE it all before we can BE the person we want to be.

...need to have a perfect bank account before we can be wealthy. 

...need to have a perfect body before we can be healthy.

...need to have the perfect relationship before we can be love.

...need to have the perfect career before we can be fulfilled by the work.


...and incredibly unhelpful in the mission of changing your life!

I believe that living in the constant pursuit of HAVING before BEING is how we invite overwhelm and stuckness into our lives with open arms. 


My coaching is based in the concept of BE-DO-HAVE:

STEP 1: BE the person you want to be. 

STEP 2: DO the aligned action steps (consistently) that will get you there.

STEP 3: HAVE it all (with a side of mindset work to receive with open arms!)


In 2019 I found myself at my lowest place. I enacted this philosophy into my own life, and the entire world opened up for me. I then felt called to share what I learned with the world, and so my signature program was born....



The AEP is THE PLACE for women who know they are meant for more to finally quit their sh*t and DECIDE that they are ready to BE the person they need to BE in order to have the life of their dreams...

A place where you will be celebrated for who and where  you are today, while honoring the woman you want to become tomorrow. You'll be guided by someone who has been in your shoes!


You'll find your people within these "walls" of the AEP, working together over 12 weeks to build awareness and self-trust that you CAN have it all: the dream job, the abundant bank account, the loving relationship, the healthy body that feels so good...


This work isn't easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it. You can expect unconditional tough love and cheerleaders that will support you every single step of the way from a coaching team of 5! 


Your AEP family will be a mix of those who are new to the process and seasoned alumni who come back time and again to sharpen their own skills, and remember just who the f*ck they are.


We hold you accountable, every-single-day, to the person who you want to be, and the promises you have made to yourself. 


This work is not for the faint of heart, but OH MAN is their power in saying YES to something that scares the sh*t out of you, and then watching how you instantly level up because you have decided, just by saying YES, that things get to be different now...


Apply to the AEP8!

Just imagine what your life will be like when...

  • You wake up each day knowing what you need to do to keep moving forward, you know how to stay on track and have the support and accountability to keep you going.
  • You no longer let self-sabotaging thoughts take the lead. You know better, so you do better.
  • You are confident in the decisions you make, the way you set boundaries, and how you show up each day as your best self.
  • You have clarity on who it is you want to be, what you want to create for the world, and how you want to make an impact.
  • You feel good daily, and allow yourself the grace of imperfection. You see how every challenge is an opportunity and you start to see results in ways you never imagined.
  • You have a community of women who may not have the same challenges as you, but certainly can relate on so many levels. You are a family, and you support each other's highs and lows. Your energy is connected on a different level, and you rise together.
  • You have a toolbox packed to the rim with practices, techniques, & resources that you can access whenever, wherever. You know how to adapt to different seasons of your life, and will always know how to get through it because you know how to take a step forward each day.

So, you know you struggle with consistency and letting fear be the decision maker, and you know you have to do something about it NOW...


But there is just one problem. Building new habits and reworking limiting beliefs is hard.

Wanting to be consistent with habits and think better thoughts, and having a solid habit routine and strong mindset are two different things.

The world of self help is full of life coaching gurus in the world who will sell you the "prescription to a happy life" with generic action steps to take, guaranteeing you lasting change.

But they don't even know who you are, what you need, or who you want to be!

Three essential elements I believe will support you in life lasting transformation is starting with prioritizing yourself above all else, consistent daily habits that align with who you want to be, and allowing yourself to be supported and held accountable by a coach who can hold space for you in your highs and lows of the journey.

There is so much work to be done!

Does this sound like you?

  • "I struggle to take small steps forward because I'm so overwhelmed by how much has to be done." 
  • "I'm afraid of moving forward because it might not be the "right" move."
  • "I'm afraid of what others might think of me so I never step outside my comfort zone, I know what people think of me here."
  • "No matter what I do, nothing is changing. I'm exactly where I have always been. I can't seem to get out of my own way."

Guess what! You Aren't Alone!

What's holding you back from feeling ALIGNED with your life is having AWARENESS around the stories, agreements, actions, and behaviors keeping you where you are. Once you understand WHO you want to be, you can understand what actions you should DO, in order to HAVE it all.


This is the process for true and lasting transformation and fulfillment.


Which is where the ALIGNED & EMPOWERED PROJECT comes in!
I'm ready for the AEP8!

Hi! I'm Mary-Theresa, you can call me Mary or M-T

I'm a life success & money mindset coach, best selling author, TEDx speaker, and a certified practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping and Life & Success Coaching.

In 2019 I found myself at my lowest point in my life, struggling with grief and financial struggle. I was able to dig my way out of the dark place I was in when I committed to simple daily habits that were aligned with who I wanted to be. I eventually found myself with more clarity and alignment with life than I had ever experienced before, and I was sharing it all with my world.

Eventually, I started having friends and acquaintances reach out for support, asking me to help them with their own journey.

The first round of the Aligned & Empowered Project started May 1, 2020 and we have successfully supported 5 rounds since.

This program provides you with tools, resources, and guidance to help you create a life that aligned with YOU, with accountability and community every step of the way. It is an honor to guide you in this journey, I hope you enjoy the ride!

What the AEP alumni are saying...


You might be thinking...

"I've tried so many different programs and challenges, and still nothing changes..."

"I can't see myself investing in this way, what if it doesn't work?"

"I am desperate for something to change, I don't have time for B.S."

I hear you! 

I felt the same way too, for so long.

It wasn't until I started working with a coach who not only helped me see where I was standing in my own way, but also held space for me while I worked through my challenges that I finally was able to breakthrough. 

Because I invested both time and money into coaching, education, community, and looking within - my entire life changed. Once I had skin in the game, I simply couldn't lose.


What will you learn in the

Aligned & Empowered Project?


Master the BE-DO-HAVE process, starting with declaring who you want to BE in this world.

Identify habits that align with who you want to be. Aligned action leads to magic. 

Lean into daily accountability from coaches and a community that wants to see you win everyday.

Prioritize yourself above all else. When you fill your cup first, you can show up for the rest of the world as your best self always. That is what the world needs from you.

Celebrate unapologetically and without judgement. Everyday there is an opportunity to WIN and we celebrate it all, because it means we are ALIVE!

Set loving boundaries to protect your energy. Kind is clear, clear is kind. The more you communicate your needs, the more your world can show up for you accordingly.

Feel good any where, any time. It is good to feel good, and the more we allow ourselves the opportunity to shift into a higher energy, the more we open ourselves up to magic.

Learn how to always ask, especially in the hard times, "how is this perfect?" In every situation there is an opportunity or lesson to be learned. We are constantly practicing how to find either in every situation.

When I was going through my own life transformation, all of these things didn't exist in one place, which is why I created the 

Aligned & Empowered Project for you.

Are You Ready To Join the Aligned & Empowered Project 8?

Starting, August 28, 2023



Twelve (12) weeks of Facebook accountability support from 3 coaches (1 head coach, 2 support coaches who are AEP Alumni)

VALUE: $3,500

Twelve (12) 90 - Minute Group Coaching Calls (Mondays at 5:30pm - 7:00pm ET) 

VALUE: $8,000

Lifetime Access to Online Knowledge Center

VALUE: $3,500

60-Minute Call & ongoing support with In-House Nutritionist Arielle Bloom

VALUE: $1,500

BONUS - Guest coaching calls with guest experts from across a range of industries

VALUE: $3,000

TOTAL VALUE: $19,000

But guess what, you don't have to pay that! Instead, you get ALL OF THIS for an investment of $3,000 (payment plans available and discussed on your interview call)

Now it's decision time...

You can sign up for the Aligned & Empowered Project right now and over the next 12 weeks you will learn to BE-DO-HAVE your way to the life of your dreams. You'll develop tools and strategies for getting our of your own way so you can truly stand in your power. You'll create loving boundaries, get clarity on what you do want, and develop life long friendships that you never knew you needed. 


You can stay right where you are, continuing to struggle with life, hoping and wishing that a miracle will happen and that you will finally have the clarity or discipline you need to move forward and through.


If you are like me and going at it alone has run its course, it's time to take action and start BEING the person who is aligned and empowered by life.



Got questions?

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