An annual membership where high-achieving women come together to unapologetically OWN THEIR “BOSSY” in order to rise to the top, make massive impact, and avoid burnout while doing it.


I'm so grateful you are here and interested in learning more about THE CLUB annual membership!

THE CLUB is for you if: 

  • You've ever been called "bossy" or "too much" by family, friends, colleagues, teachers, neighbors, or any other human on the planet. 
  • You've ever held yourself back or played small because you were afraid of being called "bossy" or "too much" and you didn't want to ruffle any feathers.  

In THE CLUB, we are going to help you with all of that and more!

The tools I teach in THE CLUB have helped my clients:

  • Get their biggest raises
  • Create businesses that thrive
  • Heal relationships with family members
  • Manifest their dream jobs
  • Keep belief that they can do hard things
  • Manage terrible bosses
  • Reach goals that once seemed impossible 
  • Stay in their integrity
  • and so much more 

THE CLUB is where you'll learn to "own your bossy," which means:

  • Taking your power back
  • Not getting stuck in fear
  • Having tools to work through discomfort
  • Being effective in continuing to hit the next level of success
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Setting clear & kind boundaries
  • Learning to use your voice
  • and more!


It's a MOVEMENT and you won't want to miss out!


It's true that "owning your bossy" will likely be uncomfortable (maybe really uncomfortable) but in THE CLUB we believe that everything you want is outside your comfort zone. That's why we'll focus on: 

  • Learning & practicing tools that help you get grounded, regulate, and create calm among chaos
  • Building awareness around belief systems that aren't working so you can create new bossy (powerful) beliefs that help you thrive
  • Taking messy action (instead of just consuming) so you can feel shifts and build awareness in real time
  • Creating community and connection with other "bossy" badass women around the world doing the work right along side you

As a member of THE CLUB you'll receive the following:

  • Monthly 90-Minute Workshop: Here is where you'll get to work. Sometimes, it's easier to just consume all day and night - but real change and shifts happen when you also take aligned action. That is exactly what we'll do in these workshops. Themes and dates announced each month! 


  • Monthly 90-Minute Group Coaching Call: My group coaching sessions are where my clients have found the most value in the work. Get support yourself OR learn from others who are doing the work along side you. Even if you don't specifically feel like you have work to do, being on these calls is always powerful and an opportunity for AHA moments galore. 


  • COMMUNITY & CONNECTION: When you join THE CLUB you'll have access to an incredible online community (not on social media - yay!) This community is held within the KAJABI portal and app. It will be the place to share takeaways, connect with other CLUB members, and stay motivated and consistent with your aligned action.


NOTE: dates for workshops and coaching calls will vary month-to-month but always shared a month in advance so you can plan accordingly. Replays will always be available for viewing in the community.


Hey! I'm Mary-Theresa

My friends call me Mary or M-T, please feel free to do the same.

I created THE CLUB because I wanted a space where high-achieving women from all over the world could come together and unapologetically OWN THEIR “BOSSY” in order to rise to the top, make massive impact, and not burn out while doing it. 

As a woman who has been labeled "bossy" or "too much" my entire life, I found comfort in knowing not only was I not alone, but also the traits that made me "bossy" to others were also seen as my super powers by those who "got" me. 

Now, I'm on a mission to help other women find their power in their natural gifts to lead and OWN who they really are.

If the following sounds like you, then I created this space for YOU: 

  • You’re at the top of your game, but burnout feels right around the corner
  • You’re successful, but it comes with being called bossy, pushy, and hard to work with - UGH! (I feel this)
  • You tiptoe around or spend more time than you’d like to admit thinking about how to say things so you don’t get called “bossy” and pushy and step on toes (again)

If any of this resonates, then THE CLUB is where you need to be. Join us today and get in the OWN YOUR BOSSY vibe!